About Catalyst

About Catalyst

Do you set MOQ for ozone decomposition or hopcalite catalyst?

No, we don’t set MOQ , you can buy any quantity, It’s very flexible.

Can the hopcalite or ozone decomposition catalyst be used at ambient environment?

Yes, hopcalite can be used at room temperature. But it’s sensitive to moisture.If it’s used for gas mask. It’s better to use with desiccant.
For ozone decomposition catalyst, suitable humidity is 0-70%

What’s the main ingredients of ozone destruction catalyst?

It’s MnO2 and CuO.

Can the Xintan CO removal catalyst used for purification of Nitrogen N2 and CO2?

Yes. We have very successful cases from world-famous industrial gas manufacturer.

How do I confirm whether your hopcalite or ozone destruction catalyst is suitable for my working environment?

First ,pls share the working temperature,humidity, CO or ozone concentration and airflow.
Xintan technical team will confirm .
Secondly, we can offer TDS to help you know more details about our product.

How do I confirm the required quantity ?

Below is the general formula of catalyst.
Volume of catalyst = Airflow/GHSV
Weight of catalyst= Volume*bulk density
GHSV is different based on different kinds of catalyst and gas concentration. Xintan will offer professional advice about GHSV.

What’s the lifetime of ozone decomposition/destruction catalyst?

It’s 2-3 years. The lifetime of this catalyst has been confirmed by customers at home and abroad.

Can ozone decomposition catalyst regenerate?

Yes. When the catalyst is used for a certain period of time (about 1-2 year), its activity will decline due to the accumulation of moisture absorption. The catalyst can be taken out and placed in the 100℃ oven for min 2hours. It can also be taken out and exposed to the strong sun if oven is not available,which can partially restore the performance and reuse it.

For ozone decompostion catalyst. Can you supply 4X8mesh ?

We can’t supply 4X8 mesh. We know 4X8 mesh is Carulite 200 produced by Carus. But our product is different from them. Our ozone catalyst is columnar with clover shape.

What’s the lead time of ozone decomposition catalyst?

We can deliver this catalyst within 7 days for quantity below 5 tons.

What should I pay attention to when using ozone decomposition catalyst

When using ozone decomposition catalysts, it should be noted that the humidity of the gas to be treated is preferably below 70% to ensure that the efficiency of the catalyst is not affected. The catalyst should avoid contact with the following substances: Sulfide, Heavy metal,hydrocarbons and Halogenated compounds to prevent the catalyst poisoning and failure.

Can the dimension of the ozone removal filter be customized?

Yes. we can customize.