Copper oxide CuO Catalyst for removing oxygen from Nitrogen

Copper oxide CuO Catalyst for removing oxygen from Nitrogen

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CuO Catalyst by Xintan is used to remove oxygen from nitrogen or other inert gases like helium or argon, Made of high-percentage copper oxide(CuO) and inert metal oxides, it can convert oxygen into CuO efficiently, without any additional energy. It doesn’t contain any dangerous material.Below is the reaction equation catalytic deoxygenation :
Because of high efficiency, It’s widely used for gas treatment.

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Ingredients CuO and mixture of inert metal oxides
Shape Columnar
Size Diameter:5mm
Length: 5mm
Bulk density 1300kg/ M3
Surface area >200 M2/g
Working Temperature and Humidity 0-250℃
Working life 5 years

Advantage of Copper oxide catalyst

A) Long working life. Xintan Copper oxide catalyst can reach 5 years.
B) High-percentage CuO. Copper oxide of this catalyst takes up over 65%.
C) Low cost. compared with other method of deoxygenation, catalytic deoxygenation is safe and cost-effective..
D) High bulk density. Its bulk density can reach 1300kg/M3. which make its working life longer than same types of products.

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Shipping,Package and storage of Copper oxide catalyst

A) Xintan can deliver cargo below 5000kgs within 10 days.
B) 35kg or 40kg into Iron drum or plastic drum. For quantity below 20kg, we can pack with carton.
C) Keep it dry and seal the iron drum when you store it.
D) Toxic substance. Keep away from sulfide,chlorine and mercury.

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A) Nitrogen N2 production
As a new type of industrial raw material, industrial gas has been more and more widely used in various fields of national economy. High purity nitrogen has important applications in metallurgy ,electronics and food industry, and can be used as a drying gas source. Usually nitrogen is mixed with oxygen before filtering. Oxygen can oxidate
Material and decrease the purity of N2. so it’s necessary to remove oxygen from Nitrogen

Technical service

Based on working temperature.humidity, airflow and ozone concentration.Xintan team can offer advice on the quantity needed for your device. When you design catalytic deoxygenation unit, Xintan can also offer technical support.

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