Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)

Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS)

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Carbon molecular sieve is a new kind of adsorbent, which is an excellent non-polar carbon material. It is mainly composed of elemental carbon and appears as a black columnar solid. Carbon molecular sieve contains a large number of micropores, these micropores on the instantaneous affinity of oxygen molecules is strong, can be used to separate O2 and N2 in the air. In industry, pressure swing adsorption device (PSA) is used to make nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieve has the characteristics of strong nitrogen generating capacity, high nitrogen recovery rate and long service life. It’s suitable for various types of pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generator.

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Main parameters

Model CMS 200, CMS 220, CMS 240, CMS 260
Shape Black columnar
Size Φ1.0-1.3mm or customized
Bulk density 0.64-0.68g/ml
Adsorption cycle 2 x 60s
Crushing strength ≥80N/piece

Advantage of Carbon molecular sieve

a) Stable adsorption performance. Carbon molecular sieve has excellent selective adsorption capacity, and the adsorption performance and selectivity will not change significantly during long-term operation.
b) Large specific surface area and uniform pore size distribution. Carbon molecular sieve has a large specific surface area and reasonable pore size distribution to increase the adsorption capacity and improve the adsorption rate.
c) Strong heat and chemical resistance. Carbon molecular sieve has heat resistance and chemical resistance, and can be used for a long time under high temperature, high pressure and harmful gas environment.
d) Low cost, high stability. Carbon molecular sieve is relatively cheap, durable, and have long-term stability to meet the requirements of industrial applications.

Shipping,Package and storage

a) Xintan can deliver Carbon molecular sieve below 5000kgs within 7 days.
b) 40kg plastic drum sealed packing.
c) Keep in an airtight container, prevent contact with air, so as not to so as not to affect product performance.


Applications of Carbon molecular sieve


Carbon molecular sieves (CMS) are a new type of nonpolar adsorbent that can adsorb oxygen molecules from the air at normal temperature and pressure, thus obtaining nitrogen-rich gases. It is mainly used for nitrogen generator. Widely used in petrochemical, metal heat treatment, electronic manufacturing, food preservation, etc.atment.

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