Modified honeycomb activated carbon

Modified honeycomb activated carbon

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Modified honeycomb activated carbon is processed with coal charcoal powder, coconut shell charcoal powder, wood charcoal powder and other raw materials, and then through special physical and chemical treatment methods to change the characteristics of honeycomb activated carbon, so that it has large specific surface area, developed micropores, low fluid resistance, increased adsorption capacity, longer service life and other characteristics. The modified cellular activated carbon is divided into two kinds of products: water resistant and water resistant.

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Main parameters

Appearance Black honeycomb
Ingredients Coal charcoal powder/coconut shell charcoal powder/wood charcoal powder
Size 100×100×100mm or customize
Pore density 100 In2
Compressive strength 0.85mpa
Lateral compressive strength 0.35mpa
Moisture ≤2%
SBET 800±50m2/g
Wall thickness 1.0mm
Desorption temperature ≤120℃

Remark: size and modification index can be customized.

Advantage of Modified honeycomb activated carbon

A) High adsorption rate.The adsorption rate of iodine and benzene by modified activated carbon can be increased by 50%-100%.
B) Modified according to different composition and concentration of organic waste gas, improve adsorption efficiency and extend service life.
C) Modified activated carbon can reduce the number of catalytic combustion and reduce the energy consumption of catalytic combustion.
D) Modified activated carbon can be widely used in gas purification equipments and waste gas treatment projects.

Shipping,Package and storage

A) Generally, the products need to be customized, and we can deliver the cargo within 8 working days.
B) The products are packed in cartons.
C) Pls avoid water and dust, sealed at room temperature when you store it.


Applications of Modified honeycomb activated carbon

The modification of activated carbon is mainly through physical and chemical treatment, changing its pore structure and surface acidity, introducing or removing some functional groups to make activated carbon have special adsorption properties. The modified activated carbon has developed internal pore structure, large specific surface area, and the pore structure size of carbon matches harmful gas molecules, which can effectively adsorb and lock formaldehyde, benzene and other VOCs harmful gas molecules, and is widely used in high-value products and fields with high environmental protection emission requirements.

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