Natural Amorphous Graphite Microcrystalline graphite

Natural Amorphous Graphite Microcrystalline graphite

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Natural amorphous graphite, also known as microcrystalline graphite, has excellent quality, high fixed carbon content, less harmful impurities, very low sulfur and iron content, and has high temperature resistance, heat transfer, electricity conduction, lubrication, and plasticity. Widely used in casting, coating, batteries, carbon products, pencils and pigments, refractory materials, smelting, carburizing agents, doomed protection slag.
Natural amorphous graphite is made of high quality natural graphite by crushing, grinding, grading, and the particle size can be customized according to customer requirements.

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Main parameters

Model No C(≥%) S(≤%) Moisture(≤%) Ash(≤%) Volatiles(≤%) Size
XT-A01 75-85 0.03-0.3 1.5-2.0 11.5-21.5 3.5-4.5 20-50mm
XT-A02 75-85 0.03-0.3 1.5-2.0 21.5-11.5 3.5-4.5 1-3mm/
XT-A03 75-85 0.3-0.5 / / / 50-400mesh

Size: It can be customized according to requirement of customers.

Advantage of Natural amorphous graphite

a) High temperature resistance: The melting point of natural amorphous graphite is 3850±50 ℃ , the boiling point is 4250 ℃. In the metallurgical industry, the product is mainly used to make graphite crucible, in steelmaking commonly used graphite as a protective agent of ingot, metallurgical furnace lining.
b) Chemical stability: Good chemical stability at room temperature, acid resistance, alkali resistance and organic solvent corrosion resistance.
c) Thermal shock resistance: When used at room temperature, it can withstand the drastic change of temperature without damage. When the temperature changes suddenly, the volume of graphite changes little and will not produce cracks.
d) Conductive and thermal conductivity: The electrical conductivity is hundreds of times higher than that of general non-metallic ores, and the thermal conductivity exceeds that of steel, iron, lead and other metal materials. The thermal conductivity decreases with increasing temperature, and even at extremely high temperatures, graphite becomes an insulator.
e) Lubricity: The lubricating performance of graphite depends on the size of the graphite flakes. The larger the flakes, the smaller the friction coefficient and the better the lubricating performance.
f) Plasticity: Graphite has good toughness and can be made into very thin sheets.

Shipping,Package and storage

a) Xintan can deliver Natural amorphous graphite below 60 tons within 7 days.
b) 25kg small plastic bag into ton bags
c) Keep it in dry environment, It can be stored over 5 years.


Applications of Natural amorphous graphite

Natural amorphous graphite is widely used in casting paint, oil drilling, battery carbon rods, iron and steel, casting materials, refractory materials, dyes, fuels, electrode paste, and used as pencils, welding rods, batteries, graphite emulsion, desulfurizer, preservative anti-slip agent, smelting carburizer, ingot protection slag, graphite bearing and other products.

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