Carbon monoxide CO removal catalyst with Noble metal

Carbon monoxide CO removal catalyst with Noble metal

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Carbon monoxide CO removal catalyst produced by Xintan is noble metal catalyst(palladium) based on alumina carrier catalyst, used to remove H2 and CO in CO2 at 160℃~ 300℃。It can convert CO into CO2 and convert H2 into H2O. It doesn’t include MnO2 ,CuO or sulphur,so it can be safely used for CO purification in CO2,which is widely used for food industry.
Below is the key conditions for this precious metal catalyst.
1)Total sulfur content≤0.1PPM. (key parameter)
2) Reaction pressure < 10.0Mpa, the initial adiabatic reactor inlet temperature is generally 160 ~ 300℃.

Product Detail

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product parameters

Ingredients AlO and palladium (Pd)
Shape sphere
Size Diameter: 3mm-5mm
Bulk density 0 . 70~ 0 . 80g/m l
Surface area ~ 170m2/ g
GHSV 2.0~5.0×103
Reaction o f CO content in tail gas < 1ppm
Working temperature 160-300℃
Working life 2-3 years
Operating pressure <10.0Mpa
Loading ratio of height and diameter 3:1

The formula to calculate required quantity

A) Based on CO and H2 concentration,airflow and working temperature and humdity.
B) Volume of catalyst=Airflow/GHSV.
C) Weight of catalyst=Volume*Bulk specific gravity(bulk density)
D) Xintan can offer professional advice on the quantity needed

Loading tips

The pressure drop of catalyst bed in industrial plant i s closely related to the ratio o f height to diameter o f catalyst bed , the size of gas flow, the porosity of gas distribution plate , the shape and size of catalyst particles , the mechanical strength and the operating process conditions. According to our experience, the ratio of height to diameter of catalyst bed is controlled at about 3:1.

Pay close attention to the effect of bubble and acid mist when using and storing the catalyst. When filling, first lay a layer of stainless steel wire mesh (aperture is 2.5 ~ 3mm), and then place a layer of about 10cm thick ceramic ball (Ø10 ~ 15mm); A layer of stainless steel wire mesh is placed on the upper part of the ceramic layer as the support of the catalyst bed, and then the catalyst is loaded. When loading, the relevant personnel must wear dust masks, and the height of the catalyst free fall should not be greater than 0.5 meters. Lay a layer of stainless steel wire mesh on top of the packed catalyst bed, and then place a ceramic ball (Ø10 ~ 15mm) with a thickness of 10 ~ 15cm.

The catalyst does not require reduction treatment before use.

Shipping,Package and storage

A) Xintan can deliver cargo below 5000kgs within 7 days.
B) 1kg into vacuum package.
C) Keep it dry and seal the iron drum when you store it.


Applications of CO removal catalyst

Specially used for CO and H2 removing in CO2, It can convert CO into CO2 through oxidation and convert H2 into H2O Application is safe and energy free.

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