200 pieces of custom aluminum honeycomb ozone decomposition catalyst have been shipped

Aluminum honeycomb catalyst has been shipped

Today, our factory completed 200 pieces of custom aluminum honeycomb ozone decomposition catalyst. According to the characteristics of the products, we have carried out tight packaging to prevent damage during transportation. Now the goods have been packed and are ready to be sent to the United States. This customer has purchased the product from us several times, and we are very grateful for their trust and support. We will continue to do a good job of product quality and provide the best service.

Aluminum honeycomb ozone decomposition catalyst has been widely used in household disinfection cabinet, printing equipment, medical equipment, cooking device and dry cleaning machine, etc., it can efficiently decompose ozone gas into oxygen. If you are still worried about dealing with ozone gas, please feel free to contact us, we can provide you with professional advice.

Post time: Oct-11-2023