Characteristics and application of CO removal catalyst from H2

The CO removal catalyst from H2 is an important catalyst, which is mainly used to remove the CO impurity from H2. This catalyst is highly active and selective and can oxidize CO to CO2 at a lower temperature, thus effectively improving the purity of hydrogen.

First, the characteristics of the catalyst:

1. High activity: The CO removal catalyst from hydrogen has high activity, which can promote the oxidation reaction of carbon monoxide at a low temperature, so as to effectively remove carbon monoxide impurities.

2. High selectivity: The catalyst has a high selectivity for the oxidation of carbon monoxide, which can avoid the interference of other substances, so as to remove carbon monoxide impurities more accurately.

3. Stability: The catalyst has good stability and can maintain high activity and selectivity for a long time.

4. Easy to prepare: the preparation method of the catalyst is relatively simple and easy to realize industrial production.

Second,  applications of the catalyst:

1. H2 purification: In the process of H2 purification, the existence of carbon monoxide impurities will affect the quality and safety of the product, so it is necessary to use the CO removal catalyst from hydrogen to remove the carbon monoxide impurities.

2. Fuel Cell: Fuel cell is an efficient and environmentally friendly energy conversion device, but the carbon monoxide impurity in its fuel will have a negative impact on its performance. The catalyst can effectively remove the CO impurities in fuel and improve the performance and stability of fuel cells.

3. Syngas production: syngas is an important chemical raw material, but it often contains a certain amount of carbon monoxide impurities. Using catalyst to remove CO from hydrogen can remove CO impurity and improve the quality of syngas.

4. Environmental protection: CO is a toxic gas that will pollute the environment. The use of a catalyst to remove CO from hydrogen can convert carbon monoxide into harmless carbon dioxide gas, so as to achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

In a word, the CO removal catalyst from hydrogen has a wide range of applications in many fields, which can effectively improve the quality of products, the performance and safety of equipment, and can also achieve the purpose of environmental protection.

Post time: Nov-17-2023