Working principle of RCO catalytic combustion equipment

Adsorption gas process: the VOCs to be treated is led out by the air pipe into the filter, the particulate matter is intercepted by the filter material, after the removal of particulate matter into the activated carbon adsorption bed, after the gas enters the adsorption bed, the organic matter in the gas is adsorbed by activated carbon and attached to the surface of the activated carbon, so that the gas can be purified, and the purified gas is discharged to the atmosphere through the fan.

Desorption gas process: when the adsorption bed is saturated, stop the main fan; Close the inlet and outlet valves of the adsorption tank. Start the desorption fan to the adsorption bed desorption, desorption gas first through the heat exchanger in the catalytic bed, and then into the preheater in the catalytic bed, under the action of the electric heater, the gas temperature increased to about 300, and then through the catalyst, organic matter under the action of the catalyst combustion, is decomposed into CO2 and H2O, while releasing a lot of heat, The temperature of the gas is increased in the first part, and the high temperature gas passes through the heat exchanger again to exchange heat with the incoming cold air and recover part of the heat. The gas from the heat exchanger is divided into two parts: one is directly drained; The other part enters the adsorption bed for desorption of activated carbon. When the desorption temperature is too high, the supplementary cooling fan can be started for supplementary cooling, so that the desorption gas temperature is stable in a suitable range. The temperature in the activated carbon adsorption bed exceeds the alarm value, and the automatic fire emergency sprinkler system is automatically activated.

Control system: The control system controls the fan, preheater, temperature and electric valve in the system. When the system temperature reaches the predetermined catalytic temperature, the system automatically stops the heating of the preheater, when the temperature is not enough, the system restarts the preheater, so that the catalytic temperature is maintained in an appropriate range; When the temperature of the catalytic bed is too high, open the cooling air valve to add fresh air to the catalytic bed system, which can effectively control the temperature of the catalytic bed and prevent the temperature of the catalytic bed from being too high. In addition, there is a fire valve in the system, which can effectively prevent the flame from returning. When the temperature of activated carbon adsorption bed desorption is too high, automatically start the cooling fan to reduce the system temperature, the temperature exceeds the alarm value, and automatically start the automatic fire emergency spray system to ensure system safety.

Post time: Sep-22-2023